5 apps that will save your time

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Computers, the Internet, smartphones- all these tools allow us to save plenty of time. They also give us a great flexibility of working from any place on Earth. Having such a great potential within reach of our hands, we have to remember not to waste it.


When building your personal brand, you’ve probably wondered more than once why others do more, faster than you. The answer is simple.  If you want to act in a fast and effective way on the web, you need proper tools that will make your work easier. In today’s post I’ll describe 5 apps that I use most frequently, that will bring you and your brand to the next higher level.  


Notion.com is an app in which I keep all my notes, but not only that. It is a kind of center of my digital brain. I’ve transferred to notion basically 99% of notes and data that I use to plan my actions in social media. It’s a very interesting solution that, apart from the text, allows you to store, for example, tabular data, to-do lists, timelines, and even Kanban model, as well.


Thanks to notion, you’ll better plan your content. You can create a table or calendar of posts. Each post can be a separate entry in the table. Then, by filling out the data in the table, you can automatically lead to publishing the posts in social media, without leaving notion. WHAAAT? Yes, you can, by using a tool called integromat.com.


In integormat you can create processes that you want to automate. Don’t worry, you can simply click through the majority of these automations. Usually, it doesn’t require programming skills. Majority of the systems that are available as modules in integromat, contain descriptions that facilitate carrying out integrations for non-technical users.


How can you use integromat in the example described above? You can, for example, indicate the table from notion that integromat will check once a day. If there appears the right information in the table (such as READY status in a column), then integormat will send the value sourced from the table to another tool, to Buffer.  


In Buffer, you can plan and automate publishing of your posts in social media. By using Buffer and integromat simultaneously, you only have to create an account in Buffer and connect it with your social media accounts to which you want to publish the content.


Then it is in integromat where it’s determined what content and when will be published. If you don’t want to automate at that stage, I recommend using Buffer as a planner for your posts. Well-planned content increases its value by as much as 35%. As a result, the process of planning the topics that you want to cover allows you to better focus on the content creation. If you sit down on the 1st day of a month to plan the topics, then at the day of writing the text, you focus entirely on the given subject. On the Internet, you will easily find research that confirms the thesis that content invented and created at the date of publication are inferior to those planned in advance. So, it’s good to plan.  


Since we’re already talking about the content, you certainly know that even the best content is worth nothing without an audience. It’s been known for a long time that social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, can sometimes be whimsical. It’s worth reminding here of a recent case of blocked social media accounts of brand “Brand24” and its creator and CEO Michal Sadowski.


This example gave real proof that publishing on “foreign land” can be risky. Therefore, I recommend a mailing list that cannot be taken away from us. To manage the list of recipients and send mailing campaigns I recommend the app Mailerlite.com.


Why did exactly this app end up on the list? Firstly, because at the beginning, a free version will be sufficient for you. Secondly, it’s very simple to use. Thanks to contained mail templates, you will better and faster create content for your recipients.


In the topic of the content, don’t forget about pictures. People love pictures. To create your own graphics, both for social media and emails, I recommend the Canva.com app. In my humble opinion, there is no better app on the market that would allow for creation of so great graphic material at such a fast pace. I recommend immediately purchasing the PRO version due to relatively low price and high value. In this version, you gain access to a greater number of ready-to-use templates, photos, and graphical elements (icons etc.). 


I hope that the described apps will be useful to you. Remember, that these are just suggestions. If you don’t like a given app, it’s 100% guaranteed that you’ll find an alternative. However, it’s good to automate processes and make your life simpler, in order to focus on the transferred value, and not necessarily on learning complicated tools.

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