We do our best to make scheduling meetings as easy as possible for you. We create all functionalities with your convenience in our mind. It is possible because we use all Meetendly functionalities ourselves. If you have an idea for next functionality, let us know here.

Meetendly features

See our current possibilities and plans for the future. Meetendly is made by the community. You can report your need at any time.

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Planning of various activities within one calendar. Convenience and efficiency increased by 100%.
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Accepting payments from various payment gateways. Tailored to the preferences of your customers.
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Notifications for you and your customers. So that nobody forgets about the planned meeting.
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Check your calendar's visit statistics. Measure results with Meetendly Analytics.
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Manage your customer base. Use it to increase the sales of your meetings.
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Sales page 2.0

Use a ready-made website where your clients can quickly book and pay for an appointment.
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Google Calendar

Are you using Google Calendar? Integrate Meetendly with your Google Calendar with just one click.
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Vacation planner

Holidays and scheduled vacation will be included in your calendar. Thanks to that You'll avoid misunderstandings.
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Calendar embedding

You can embed your calendar on any website. We will give you a great widget to promote your events.


We are aware that you need more. Below we present to you our vision for the nearest future. We want to be fully transparent with our users. See what features we want to surprise you with soon.

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Facebook pixel

Track your potential customers and show them Facebook ads to close the sale.
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Do you want to make a video call? Integrate with Zoom. We will send your client the link to the meeting.
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Send your clients text messages notifications to remind them of the appointment.
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A stripe that won the hearts of many customers. Feel more freedom in choosing a payment gateway.
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Get access to sales statistics for your meetings. Analyze and introduce improvements.
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We will send the report on the meetings to the service you choose. Integrate your customized solution
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Do you use various services? Create advanced integrations between Meetendly and other services with Zapier.
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Series of meetings

Plan a series of meetings for your clients. Give your customers convenience.
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Meetings notes

Create meeting notes easily. Thanks to this, you will not forget about the important aspects of the meeting.
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Team account

Create one account for the entire team. Manage meetings across your organization.
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Customize workflow

Create your own way of communication with your customers. Write in your style, be unique.
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Push notifications

Push notifications for your customers can be sent to keep your calendar full. Let them know about available last minute dates.
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Resources booking

Meetendly not only for appointment bookings. We will give you the opportunity to book other things. Make a booking for everything.
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Public API

Providing a public API for developers. Do not create a booking service, use Meetendly API and focus on your idea.