To integrate with the ClickMeeting system, you need to obtain an API key needed to perform the integration. You can do this after logging in to the ClickMeeting panel.

To do this, go to

Download or create a new API key.

Being logged in to the Meetendly system, go to the integrations tab

Then click the “Settings” button on the tile with the ClickMeeting logo

Turn on the integration and paste the API key, and then save the form.


When creating an event, you can choose ClickMeeting in the “Place” field. This means that after creating an event, we will create a dedicated room for it. Each person who signs up for the event via Meetendly will receive a link to the room. Thanks to this, he will quickly and easily join the event.

There may be times when your plans change. You can change the date of the event at any time. Meetendly will change the date in the ClickMeeting system. Additionally, we will send an email to all enrolled participants. We will inform them about the change of date.

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