If you want to host a conference or webinar, you can do so with the Meetendly system. We have prepared the “Events” module for you.

Events are a special meeting topic that can be signed up by more than one participant. When creating an event, you can specify:

  • Subject / Name
  • Description
  • Number of participants (number of available seats)
  • Meeting place (e.g. ClickMeeting system – read more)
  • The date of the event

After creating the event, a link to the calendar will be created where the participant can fill in details. After signing up, each participant will receive a corresponding confirmation e-mail from us. If the date of the event is changed, we will inform all participants by sending them an appropriate message.

If you use the ClickMeeting system, a room will be created for your event. You can read more about it here.

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