If you want to issue invoices using the Fakturownia accounting system, you need to integrate it in the Meetendly panel. Before starting the integration, you need to prepare some necessary information.

  1. The domain name in the invoice department
  2. API key
  3. Invoice number format


You will find the name of your domain, or to be more precise, the subdomain after logging into the Fakturownia system. The name will appear in the address bar of your web browser. It will be for example meetendly.fakturownia.pl. The underlined value (without the dot) is the domain name that you need to paste when setting up your Meetendly integration.

API key

In order to get an API key, you must first create it. After logging into the Fakturownia system, go to Settings → API. Then click the “View” button and then download or generate a new API key. The token will appear as the first piece of information in the table.

Invoice number format

The law makes it clear that the entrepreneur must issue invoices according to a certain numbering. Additionally, each invoice should have its own unique number. Meetendly allows you to define the format in which the number will be issued.

You must enter the format in the “Invoice’s Number Format” field. You have the following characters at your disposal

#dThe date of issuing the invoice
#mThe month of issuing the invoice
#yThe year of the invoice
#zAnother paid meeting number is given by Meetendly

For example, if you set the format as follows: MY / # d / # m / # y / # z, then the first invoice issued using our integration will receive a number (we assume the issue date for May 20, 2021) MY / 20/05/2021/1, where MY stands for Meetendly, 20 is the date of issue, 05 is the month of issue, 2021, and 1 is the ordinal number of the paid meeting.

WARNING! If you arrange paid and free appointments, the ordinal number will only increase on the basis of paid appointments. Free meetings are not included in the ordinal calculation.


You can have only one enabled accounting system.

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