Connect to your calendar

If you use Google Calendar as your main calendar, you can easily integrate it with Meetendly. Integration is two-way. What does it mean?

Meetendly synchronization

After connecting your calendar with our application, we will create a new calendar called “Meetendly”. It is to this calendar that we will add each confirmed meeting arranged by Meetendly.

We will also create an online meeting link for each meeting in the calendar. The link will be available in the Meetendly panel in the meeting view.

Google Calendar synchronization

Once you have Google Calendar integration turned on, there will also be a “Settings” button. After clicking, a window will appear where you can select your calendars to follow in order to avoid meeting conflicts.

You can select one or more calendars. From now on, all your meeting topics will only show times that do not clash with your calendar / calendars.

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