You do not need to set up a special account for managing employees of your company/organization. Each user who registers himself in Meetendly receives such opportunities.

All you have to do is set up accounts for your colleagues. You can do this by selecting the “Users” option in the side menu.

After adding a user, he will receive an e-mail with information on how to log in. We will also send you a temporary password.

Users who are part of your organization can use all Meetendly functionalities just like you. We also include active integrations that you have enabled in your account. Functions that we turn off for obvious reasons are:

  • Organization management.      
  • Possibility of integration with payment gateways, accounting systems, and HubSpot system.      
  • Unable to edit conversation topics that were created by the owner of the organization, that is you.      

Calendar appointments

As the owner of the organization, you will see all meetings, all users in the calendar. You also have the option of viewing meeting details and performing actions such as rescheduling or canceling the meeting.

Payment for meetings

If your organization plans to sell meetings, be sure to integrate and enable at least one payment gateway. It will also allow your colleagues to create their own meeting topics with the option of assigning a price to them.

All payment transactions will be handled by your Meetendly-integrated account.

Account fees

When you add a Meetendly user, it will automatically increase the load on your subscription plan. This means that the next payment for your subscription will be higher.

Remember that each account of an added user costs $7. For example, if you register your account and then add 3 users to your organization, the total subscription cost will be 3 x $ 7 = $ 21 / month. The fee will be charged when the new subscription period starts and not when you add a user. If your billing period ends on the 15th of each month, adding a user on the 17th day will not be charged until the following month.

Organizations using Meetendly in the ENTREPRISE plan are an exception, then settlements are made on the basis of individual subscription conditions.

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