In the meetings module, you can create multiple conversation topics that will receive their unique link. You can send the created link via e-mail, text message, or place it on your website. People who receive the link will quickly select the available date and make an appointment. Meeting topics can be both paid and free.

Paid meetings

If you want to sell meetings, you need to create a topic with an assigned price. To do this, make sure you have at least one payment gateway enabled. You can do it in the “Integrations” module. Then go to the topic adding form and set its price and currency.

People who enter the calendar for such a meeting will be able to pay using the payment gateway that you have enabled in your Meetendly panel.

Free meetings

You can also create a free meeting topic. To do this, when creating it, enter the meeting price with the value 0 (zero). If you do this, people wishing to make an appointment will not have to pay for it. The meeting will be confirmed automatically after clicking on the link sent to the participant.

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