What is Woodpecker

It is a tool for automating mailing campaigns, the so-called cold mailing. Inside the application, we can design our own communication chain that will carry out the sending of the campaign to our customer base. With the help of advanced schemes, we can set various conditions for sending specific e-mail messages.

Woodpecker + Meetendly

Combined with the Meetendly Woodpecker calendar, it becomes a great tool for automating consulting sales. Below we present a scheme that you can easily implement in your business.


For the above process to work, all you need to do is save your integration key in Meetendly settings.

For this purpose:

Copy the integration key from your Woodpecker account.

Go to the Settings → Integrations tab.

Click the “Settings” button on the Woodpecker logo tile.

Turn on the integration by clicking the switch.

Paste the API key copied from the Woodpecker panel.

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