How to make customers love meeting you?

If you’re ready to provide a consultation service to your clients, it’s time to think about how to run the meetings or events themselves.

It’s no secret that we all prefer to have positive experiences, we want to be in comfortable places and witness some strikingly brilliant things.

This gives the expected power and the kick needed to act, so it is worth setting the right target and conducting all events in a specific spirit that will contribute to the better well-being of your clients.

The first rule of a successful meeting – consistency and content

Get ready. Write down the thematic scope and organize it into individual threads. Not only for oneself, and also to bring order to the recipient’s mind.

How you impart knowledge is as important as whether you have it at all. And if you show excellent organization and a matter-of-fact approach, you will immediately gain points that increase your reputation. Exactly, that’s why you should focus on a consistent and substantive presentation of content.

The second rule of a successful meeting – application knowledge

Provide as much practical knowledge as possible that your interlocutor will have the chance to use for himself in a way that brings benefits.

Encourage the user to verify for himself how what you offer and communicate works.

If you focus on presenting things appropriately, on setting the right perspective, sooner or later you will cause that anticipated spurt, and your listener will appreciate the value that you brought in thanks to the presented knowledge.

The third rule of a successful meeting – sense of humor and brilliance

By definition, education is associated with something serious, which should be approached rigidly and with due reserve.

Change it.

If you use mock-ups and various types of presentations, weave in them funny, non-standard examples that will show the listener what effect is going on in a brilliant way.

In this way, you will add a recreational element to the whole, and your client will learn useful information better and faster.

The fourth rule of a successful meeting – we all like the truth

Especially when we can feel at ease and comfortable and forget about the reserve more or less forced by circumstances.

Throw away the impression that you are recording in front of the webcam and maybe you do not know the interlocutor very well. And focus on what kind of person you are in an environment conducive to openness, e.g. among friends, and treat the recipient in the same way .

Here, both sides will benefit, and the unexpected side effect of such a shot will be … a nice atmosphere.

The fifth rule of a successful meeting – an individual approach

See through the eyes of your listener. This practice will help you see that each of us wants to be well understood and feel that we are in the best possible hands.

And if you manage to establish the authentic needs of the interlocutor and meet them, this honorable merit awaits you, allowing you to win the heart of the client, which you probably associate more strongly with terms such as effectiveness and conversion.