Case study

Meetendly for SAAS

See how to use the advantages of Meetendly in your SAAS business.

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Recruitment interviews
Product demo presentations
Onboarding users

Meet Jacob

Jacob is the creator of Nanobuy startup. The application is a shopping cart widget that allows to
launch sales on any website.

It often happens that Jakub’s potential customers need support at the initial stage of using the
application. It also happens that they need to discuss their needs before making a purchase decision.
They want to make sure that the application will meet their business requirements.

Jakub created an account on Meetendly. He created a free meeting called “Nanobuy onboarding”.
He placed a Meetendly widget on the sales page of his project. This gave his users the opportunity
to schedule a demo.

During the scheduled meetings, Jacob can get to know his users and meet their needs. Increasing the
number of meetings allowed him to better develop the product.

Users speak about it in two words – Game changer. They are delighted with the level of customer
service in Jacob’s project which results directly into increased sales.