We’re delighted that you want to enter the world of Meetendly. In our reality, setting up meetings is
smooth. Whether you want to make money from them or just want to make life simpler for
everyone who wants to meet with you. We will briefly describe how to use our app effectively.

Meetendly from above

In our app, we rely on two types of events: meetings, events. Depending on what goal you want to
achieve you have to choose one of them. However, regardless of your choice, from the perspective
of people who want to meet you, it looks the same.

Your client receives from you a link to the calendar, which describes the topic and purpose of the
meeting. There you also list information about the duration of the meeting and its price.

Next, an available date is selected. Availability can be specified in the settings. You can read more

Once we know when the meeting takes place, we also collect information about who wants to meet
with you.

If your account has integration with an accounting system, we also collect information about
your client’s invoice details. This allows us to send the necessary information to your accounting
system and make an automatic invoice. You can learn more about integrations here.

In the case of paid meetings/events, the participant can make a payment through the payment
gateway you choose during the settings of your account.

Share your link

Every meeting topic and every event has its own unique link. You can send it to people interested in
the meeting in a variety of ways:

  • Include the link in an email sent to your audience
  • Post the link on your website to encourage people to purchase the consultation or attend the
  • Add the link in a comment on a Facebook group or under a post on Linkedin and quickly get
    in touch with potential clients
  • Send the link via text message (SMS) immediately after the conversation with the person
    interested in the meeting.


Take matters into your own hands

You can also schedule meetings manually. To do so, we provide a calendar module in your
Meetendly dashboard and a corresponding meeting creation form.

If you are planning a vacation or have to leave for an urgent matter, add such an event to your
calendar. This way no one will schedule a meeting during your dentist appointment or business trip.

Convenience for you and the participants

Imagine making an appointment to see your dentist, but in the evening it turns out that you need to
run an urgent errand at the city office. Most of us simply won’t go to the appointment. At this point,
both sides lose. You feel silly because you didn’t show up for your appointment. The dentist loses
because he or she could have scheduled another patient during that time.

With Meetendly, this problem disappears. Once an appointment is scheduled, we send the attendee a
link that allows them to cancel or reschedule their appointment without contacting you.
Rescheduling an appointment is exactly the same as the appointment process. This way both parties

Google Calendar

Do you use Google Calendar? Don’t worry. You don’t have to change your habits. Meetendly has an
integration with Google Calendar so we can synchronize your availability both ways. When you
add an event in google calendar you take off your availability in Meetendly. When you schedule a
meeting through Meetendly, it is automatically added to your calendar. If you support Google Meet
to arrange online meetings, we have good news for you. The meeting link will appear both in your
Meetendly dashboard and in the emails you and the meeting participant receive. 

Read more about integration with Google Calendar here.

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