How to use Meetendly in social media?

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Can you earn $1,000,000 annually by selling consultations? Let’s check. On the assumption that we want to generate $1M of income, it’s about $83,333 a month, and (assuming 168h a month) it results in $496 per hour of our work.


Is that amount unattainable? It depends on the industry of our specialization. Based on my experience (IT domain), I can openly say that such an amount is achievable for every good specialist. However, let’s go a step further. What if our industry doesn’t allow us to achieve such a level of price per hour? We can scale horizontally. What does it mean? Building a team. If, in your domain, the average price per hour is $90, you will need 5 specialists that will generate $450/h for you.


Certainly, in this case, there is an additional issue of the costs connected with maintaining a team, but still, it’s within the reach of your capabilities. If you properly take care of the process of obtaining and caring for customers, then you can certainly achieve that goal. However, it’s worth to approach it in a smart way.


Where is it good to start your adventure with consultations? I recommend walking through the list of steps below, that will allow you to better realize the possibilities of the market you specialize in.


  1. 1. Build your personal brand.
  2. 2. Take care of adequate reach in your medium (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, etc.). At the beginning, it’s worth it to focus on one platform.
  3. 3. Give value to your audience. Give back one hour a week of your time to your community, in order to confirm your authority.
  4. 4. Verify the number of people interested in your services through offers of micro-paid consultations, limited in time. If your goal is $450/h, start test consultations for $100/h, gradually increasing the price.
  5. 5. Once more, give value and build so called “social presents/presence”. Organizing free webinars works perfectly.
  6. 6. Be open to people. Help when they are in need.
  7. 7. Don’t be a passive marketer. Participate in posts published by people you follow, answer questions posted in comments, build the authority of a specialist.
  8. 8. Build your networking. Don’t confuse it with pushy sell in the second message on LinkedIn. Watch people whose work you appreciate and give them positive, selfless feedback.
  9. 9. Take part in an industry podcast. If you enjoy this form, start your own. It’s easier than you think. I recommend using app for this purpose.
  10. 10. Be authentic. Don’t pretend, don’t force yourself to create content. Share what you enjoy and what you do. Authenticity is a scarce commodity nowadays. Sometimes your picture in messy hair can cause a funny comment that will allow you to fulfill the Step no. 6.

First and foremost, remember to facilitate your clients reaching out to you. If I can set an under-impulse meeting with you at 2 am, then you win with competitors to whom I could contact only after 9 am, when the emotions settle.


Act smart and good luck


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How to use Meetendly in social media?

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