We use Meetendly in the sales process. During the mailing campaigns, we wanted to shorten the path to meeting the client as much as possible. The calendar provided by Meetendly solves our problem completely. Clients decide to meet faster because it does not require bouncing e-mails. The Meetendly implementation has had a very positive impact on the effectiveness of our campaigns, and sellers can focus fully on preparation for meetings and offers for our clients.



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11-50 employees

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PushPushGo is the fastest growing Polish platform for creating, targeting, and reporting the effectiveness of web push notifications. We allow our Clients to send notifications on their recipients’ desktop and mobile devices even when they are currently browsing another website. Web push delivery rate is not limited by ad-blocking software or spam filters. Thanks to the extensive API, marketing automation module and sustainable development our platform provides comprehensive solutions for both SME and international corporations. We cooperate with the largest global companies from various industries e.g Pandora, McDonald’s or T-mobile. As a company operating on the territory of the European Union, PushPushGo was built in accordance with the provisions of GDPR. Our the most recognizable trademark is full support of each and every client from the very beginning of the cooperation provided by our reliable Customer Service.

we help Set up Meetings Everyday.



We’ve only been using Meetendly for a short time, and it has already become an integral part of each of our campaigns. We value the platform for its ease of use, the ability to set up meetings quickly, the possibility to integrate with Zoom, the transparent billing system and the great customer service. Thanks to Meetendly, our customers can quickly and easily make appointments with us, choosing the date and time that suits them best, as well as postpone or cancel them. Running sales campaigns has become easier and saved valuable time.

Joanna Zbylut

SDR @ PushPushGo

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